At Narayan Das Sarraf, we believe that it is equally important to present perfection in both products and services.
The act of buying jewel-pieces is one precious for everyone, and so, should be accompanied by the soundest pre and post services.
Therefore, we present an arrary of amenities and policies with our baubles, so as to provide the best shopping experience imaginable to our clients.



Get any of your valuables estimated and appraised by our
certified Technicians and Gemologists. You may require this for a number
of purposes, such as to prevent theft as only certified jewellery stands valid for insurance and some might require it for immigration etc. Our team will provide you a thorough break-up of all the technical details in a particular piece, inked on a certificate.


We, at Narayan Das Sarraf & Sons Jewellers offer hassle-free Jewellery repair services to all of our esteemed clients. Our talented artisans and craftsmen are competent enough to repair even the most complicated pieces of the lot and give them a perfectly new look and can further guide the clients about the measures to be taken to avoid any sort of future damage. All these repair tasks are successfully carried out under expert supervision of our owner and workshop manager’s guidance.

our servuice
Stone Replacement


Can’t adorn that astonishing couture, just because of a plucked stone? We are the solution providers for any of the stone related issues. Possessing wide variety, sizes, colors of various gemstones and a skilled team of stone setters and gemologists, we accomplish any type of stone replacement effortlessly, be it replacing all the stones from a product, upgrading the stones to a bigger size or refined color, replacing a damaged or lost stone. One can obviously get upset upon noticing a missing stone from an engagement ring or some family heirloom, but all these worries get resolved at our premises.


Apart from jewellery repair, we also provide professional polishing, dirt cleansing, de-staining etc. for all your valuable items, so that they never loose their charm. All such processes are carried out by our experts keeping in view the sensitive nature of the stones and precious metals. You can avail this facility for any of your jewellery, while you just wait our premises and going through our amazing stuff.

Rhodium Plating


Looking to enhance the beauty of your traditional Gold items? Rhodium plating is done on Yellow Gold items to prettify it further, without  compromising on its actual worth. Basically, Rhodium plating allots scintillating silvery tint to a Yellow Gold product and even improves the luster of White Gold product, providing durable- finished, fine jewellery.


Avoid getting your precious and gorgeous rings re-sized by conventional bhammering or any sort of futile pressure being laid on them, as they may tend to loose their true shape and form. We provide ring-resizing services properly analyzing the ring for metal fatigue or weaker areas, avoiding the products to envision a crumpled design and thus retain their original shape.